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WestPark Capital: 12 Months Deal Recap – Explosive Growth Fueled by Chinese Deals

Investment Banking Firm WestPark Capital Fueled by Chinese Deals

Los Angeles, CA…. “China as a market, and Chinese companies seeking access to U.S. capital continues to represent a very deep well of opportunity for the foreseeable future,” says Richard Rappaport, CEO of WestPark Capital, (, a Los Angeles-based full service international investment banking firm. WestPark Capital, Inc., innovators in the financial services industry recognized for having revolutionized the IPO process, is aggressively expanding its national and international growth plans in the wake of closing 8 investment banking transactions during the past twelve months, with a transactional value of $117 million, some of which are described below.

“Each of these companies occupies a unique and successful niche in providing both a valuable and wide array of products and services, not just in China, but in many instances globally,” says Richard Rappaport, CEO of WestPark Capital, Inc., “We are proud to be able to help these companies grow through an infusion of capital utilizing our unique WRASP process.” Rappaport is the creator of the “WRASP,” a revolutionary financial services process in which a company becomes publicly traded through a share exchange and trades directly onto a senior exchange, either the AMEX or the NASDAQ, completely bypassing the OTCBB. The information below is an “at-a-glance” summary of deals concluded during the past twelve months.

NIVS IntelliMedia Technology Group (Amex: NIV)

In its most recent transaction of April, 2010, WestPark Capital, Inc. completed a $24 million Public Offering for NIVS IntelliMedia Technology Group (Amex: NIV). In March, 2009, WestPark Capital, Inc. completed a WRASP offering for NIVS, raising $14 million for the Guandong, China-based Company best known for its interactive technology that permits users to control its various electronic products such as digital audio systems, televisions and other consumer electronic products through its voice activated technology.

Click here to see NIVS Deal Sheet / Transaction Overview.

On April 26h, the popular internet financial services website, The Motley Fool, identifies NIVS with a four star rating out of five. In an article titled, “Wall Street’s Best Unknown Stocks,” writer *Richard Dupree places NIVS at number two on his list and refers to NIVS as one of a handful of “Stocks that fly under Wall Street’s radar, yet sport top ratings from our investor intelligence database.”

*Fool contributor Rich Duprey does not have a financial position in any of the stocks mentioned in his article. You can see his holdings here. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.

ZST Digital Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ GM:ZSTN)

In another WRASP offering that yielded two transactions for one company, WestPark Capital, Inc., raised a total of $30 million in less than a six month period for ZST Digital Networks, a Zhengzhou, China-based company. In its first offering of May, 2009, WestPark Capital’s initial private placement raised $5 million for the organization that supplies digital and optical network equipment to cable system operators in the Henan Province of China. WestPark Capital, Inc. sold common stock at the purchase price of $3.94 per share with gross proceeds of approximately $5.0MM, whereby it concurrently closed on its share exchange with SKRP 18 through its innovative WRASP transaction process. On October 20, 2009, ZST Digital Networks, Inc. began trading on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol ZSTN, subsequently raising $25 million

China Electric Motor, Inc (NASDAQ: CELM)

China Electric Motor, Inc (NASDAQ:CELM) is another Guangdong-based company for whom WestPark Capital, Inc. conducted its revolutionary WRASP; the first element of their innovative financing transaction included a $4.3 million private raise in October, 2009. According to the placement documents, proceeds were earmarked to increase manufacturing capacity, to purchase more industrial space, to modernize factory equipment and for general other corporate purposes. With more than 900 employees operating out of an approximately 160,000 square foot manufacturing plant, China Electric Motors provides micro-motor products that meet the growing demand for efficient, quiet and compact motors from manufacturers of consumer electronics, automobiles, power tools, toys and household appliances, among a host of other users and resellers.

Click here to see CELM Deal Sheet / Transaction Overview.

Three months later, in January, 2010, WestPark Capital, Inc. concluded the next phase of its unique WRASP process by bringing China Electric Motor Company public with a $26 million offering, when the company began trading on the NASDAQ under the stock symbol, CELM. Among other things, the funds will be used to not only expand the company’s existing product offerings, but to create a public market for its stock and to facilitate access to the public capital markets.

WestPark Capital Hires New Executives to Support National Growth Plans

“Given the success we are seeing with the WRASP, and its acceptance in the marketplace within the public financing arena, and our significant inroads into China helping to bring Chinese companies public,’ says WestPark Captial, Inc, CEO, Richard Rappaport, “we have reached a tipping point and are now in the active recruitment of exceptional investment banking talent to further grow our company and expand the use of the WRASP product for U.S.-based companies.”

On the heels of a spate of successful investment banking transactions for Chinese companies, WestPark Capital, Inc. has begun to aggressively ramp up its national expansion with the recent hiring of a powerful national development team, Frank Salvatore and Doug Kaiser, based out of the company’s new Boca Raton, Florida offices. Salvatore and Kaiser, both Managing Directors of Brokerage and Sales, will be focused on growing the company’s Retail Brokerage presence as well as expanding the firm’s distribution capabilities. WestPark Capital, Inc also recently hired James E. Hosch, an investment banking veteran with expertise in the placement of equity and convertible securities, as Managing Director of Investment Banking.

About WestPark Capital

WestPark Capital, Inc., ( specializes in taking companies public – fast. It is a full-service national and international investment bank focused on emerging growth sectors such as healthcare, software, technology, biotechnology, financial services, manufacturing, consumer products, and media and telecom industries, among other categories. Founded in 1999, with offices in key markets across the United States, as well as in China*, Hong Kong*, and Taiwan*, the firm and its founder, Richard Rappaport, are credited for having created the revolutionary “WRASP.” The “WRASP” is a process in which a company becomes publicly traded through a share exchange and trades directly onto a Senior Exchange such as the NYSE, AMEX or the NASDAQ, completely bypassing the OTCBB. The WRASP generally possesses superior liquidity, valuation and institutional coverage. This innovative approach includes potentially increased market awareness and the visibility of an IPO.

*International offices are separate and distinct and are joint ventures that are non FINRA registered offices.

This release is not to be considered a research report or a recommendation or offer to buy or sell any securities of any companies referenced herein. Affiliates of WestPark hold equity positions in each of the companies referenced herein.

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