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WestPark Capital Closes First WRASP

LOS ANGELES, CA – WestPark Capital, Inc. announced today the closing of its first WRASP transaction which began trading on the American Stock Exchange. A WRASP is a unique process in which a Company goes public through a share exchange and trades directly on a Senior Exchange such as the American Stock Exchange. A WRASP involves a comprehensive set of interrelated transactions managed by WestPark Capital, Inc., an NASD registered broker-dealer.

“With our initial WRASP, we have demonstrated a new means through which profitable growth companies can list on a reputable exchange and raise capital and raise capital as well as promote investor and regulatory, thereby supporting their business growth opportunities, SYTATED Richard Rappaport, CEO of WestPark Capital.“The WRASP also enables a Company to obtain an enhanced valuation through staged private and public fundings, culminating in the direct listing on the American Stock Exchange,” added Kevin DePrimio, Vice President of Corporate Finance.

Commenting on the listing, Mr. Gui Hua Lan, Chairman and CEO of the first company to go through the WRASP process, said “Listing on a well-respected, senior exchange such as the American Stock Exchange marks an important milestone in our drive to enhance investor awareness and increase shareholder value. With the successful completion of our public offering, we can continue in these efforts as we now have sufficient capital to address our working capital needs and manage growth going forward.”

WestPark Capital, Inc. was the sole manager of the WRASP. A copy of documents relating to the WRASP may be obtained from WestPark Capital, Inc., 1900 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 310, Los Angeles, CA 90067 or by phone at (310) 843-9300 or facsimile (310) 843-9304 or email


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