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WestPark Capital, Present their Revolutionary “Fast Track” Financial Services Product, the WRASP, at DC Finance, Israel’s Leading Financial Services Trade Conference

Los Angeles, CA…Strategically seeking to export its revolutionary financial services product in new markets, Los Angeles-based WestPark Capital, Inc. (, has its sights set on Israel as a new key international target market for the rollout of the company’s signature financial services product, the WRASP. Created by company founder and CEO, Richard Rappaport, the WRASP is a unique financial services process that has proven to be a formula of bringing companies public faster than more traditional methods. WestPark will present its WRASP financing technique to the leaders of Israel’s business and financial communities at the DC Financial Conference, held this year at Ramat Gan.

DC Finance is Israel’s largest Corporate Finance Conference. Drawing more than 650 Chairpersons, CEOs and CFO’s of Israel’s Mid-Large Cap Companies, the annual event is attended by institutional investors, senior officers of Israel’s leading firms and covers the topics of raising debt and capital in times of crises, private equity, bond issues, IPOs in local and foreign markets, securitization, debt classification, venture capital, reversed mergers, unrated bonds, credit, institutional credit, bank credit, mezzanine, M&A, and related subjects.

With a significant foothold already established in China, where the WRASP model of providing Chinese companies access to U.S. capital markets has been successful, WestPark has been actively exploring additional international markets to introduce its unique WRASP product. “We find the opportunity and the timing to expand is ideal right now,” says WestPark Capital CEO, Richard Rappaport, “to not only increase our international presence, but specifically to strategically launch in Israel.” Rappaport points out that, “The WRASP is particularly effective worldwide in markets where there are fast growing companies in countries that may have capital market constraints.” .

According to James Hosch, WestPark Capital Managing Director, Investment Banking, who will be presenting at the conference on behalf of WestPark, “Per capita, Israel has the highest statistical evidence of successful startups, Nasdaq listed companies (greater than all of the EU), and technology rollouts than anywhere in the world. And yet, while Israel maintains a close association with the US Capital Markets, recent financial events during the past two years in the US market has caused a significant decline in IPOs and other equity financings in Israel.” Hosch reaffirms that, “Given these myriad of variables, WestPark is in a position to help facilitate the capital needs of this intellectually diverse and highly entrepreneurial market.”

Rappaport acknowledges this is currently the situation in Israel, but there are further compounding reasons that make Israel a highly desirable target market. Says Rappaport, “We believe that the combination of shrinking capital markets globally, the depth of new business startups and the need for growth capital in Israel, combined with the unique nature of the WRASP product, which generally speaking, is less costly, less time consuming, and even results in less dilution of ownership than a traditional IPO or a Reverse Merger, with the added benefits of enhanced liquidity and higher market capitalization provides us with an unparalleled edge in filling the needs of this fertile and burgeoning business environment at this time in Israel.”

About WestPark Capital

WestPark Capital, Inc., ( specializes in taking companies public – fast. It is a full-service national and international investment bank focused on emerging growth sectors such as healthcare, software, technology, biotechnology, financial services, manufacturing, consumer products, and media and telecom industries, among other categories. Founded in 1999, with offices in key markets across the United States, as well as in China*, Hong Kong*, and Taiwan*, the firm and its founder, Richard Rappaport, are credited for having created the revolutionary “WRASP.” The “WRASP” is a process in which a company becomes publicly traded through a share exchange and trades directly onto a Senior Exchange such as the NYSE, AMEX or the NASDAQ, completely bypassing the OTCBB. The WRASP generally possesses superior liquidity, valuation and institutional coverage. This innovative approach includes potentially increased market awareness and the visibility of an IPO.

*International offices are separate and distinct and are joint ventures that are non FINRA registered offices.

WestPark Capital, Inc. Richard Rappaport, Chief Executive Officer 310- 843-9300 Member FINRA/SIPC

PR Contact: The Bamboo Agency Jeff Senft-Mustard 954-801-8263 Disclaimer:. This news release shall not constitute an offer to buy or sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any securities. WestPark Capital, Inc. and its affiliates hold substantial securities positions in the companies for which it has conducted WRASP offerings, including the companies mentioned in this news release.